Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- May 1, 2018

Reference text : The Mayor of Casterbridge
Weeks counted
up to
searched on,
Maintaining himself
small jobs
of work
in the intervals.
By this time
he had
at a seaport,
and there
he derived intelligence
that persons
answering somewhat
to his description
had emigrated
a little time before.
he said
he would search
no longer,
he would go
and settle
in the district
which he had had
for some time
in his
Next day
he started,
journeying south-westward,
did not
for night’s lodgings,
he reached
the town of
in a
part of Wessex.
IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe

Rolling and action!


Her eyes were still fixed on him,

His eyes were locked too,

She could smell his perfume,

He loved the shampoo she used,

They were madly in love,

Love was at its peak,

The actress used to wait for the word “cut”,

She desperately moved towards her make up room,

She waited for him to arrive,

He did and touched her hair subtly,

“You look stunning!”

“Only because of you!”

He hugged her lightly from the back,

She lovingly held him by his sleeve,

As the make up artist did the touch ups of the famous actress,

Love was diligently at work too!

IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe

Improper adult

Mid twenties is a weird age. Absurd, erratic and astonishing. There are several things that will astonish you now and again. Your career is at its peak and you do not know if it is the best thing. Some days I feel I am a superwoman and on others I feel like nothing. People talk about setting goals and achieving them. I keep changing my goals every second leave aside fulfilling them. And then there is the question of getting married. Many of my juniors are married with kids. I still can’t figure out how to dress up for a family function. The other day my friend was talking to me about the qualities she desires in her would be husband. This concept also astonishes me. How do you get to know whom do you want as your husband? How do you know whether you need a husband or friend after marriage? I get confused man! This is definitely not my cuppa!

Career and settlement, marriage or single hood, job or phd,

It is an existential crisis for me for sure!

IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe

Tantrum Queen


Pink, yellow, green, blue, purple,

She snarled at anything too simple,

Everything was always ready at her toes,

All simply wondered from friends to foes.

Daddy, mummy, granny and grand pa were always worried,

She wanted everything from hair dye to spa.

One day mommy had an idea,

She crept on toes and went into the garden,

Got a beautiful lily and displayed it on her table.

As the tantrum queen woke up ,

The smell of lily filled her heart with pleasure.

She ran down stairs and hugged her granny,

She thanked her parents for getting the best lilies for her,

Mommy then said,”No sweetie, it is not from any florist,

It was grown in our backyard by grand pa dearest!”

The tantrum queen rushed to her grand pa with tears in her eyes,

For she had finally learnt the lesson of her life!

IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe



Human eyes fail to notice things.

The high heels and its design are notable,

The blisters beneath it are not!

IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe

Unwritten stories…

Sunrises were always loved. There was a beautiful hue of the Sun rays visible from the window. The sky was slowly unwrapping itself from its dark black colour. The change was gradual. The black colour was transforming shade by shade into something dark blue. Then the dark blue began fading itself. Just then a magenta ray was gushing its way into the blue. The sky was overpowered by the magenta and dark yellow tinge. The clouds made way to the sparks of a new morning. The sky waking itself up, embraced a mild blue colour with white cottony clouds.

He pulled his t shirt from the chair and slipped his bare chest within it. He noticed something around his collar bone. It was a hickey. Or as they call it’ a love bite’! ‘Love ?’ There was no love involved. It was only about lust and fun!

He turned around. He again turned towards the mirror. His eyes were calm. They did not have the fire like the other days. Dark circles were deepening. Even his lips were charred and dark. He smirked. He was a bad boy after all.

He went out and climbed down the stairs of the house. He turned the knob of the door and stepped out. A mild yet persistent wind was blowing. He pulled the cap of his hoodie and began walking. It was spring time of the month. But he didn’t care. He began walking down the narrow path with a cigarette lit between his lips. The road was dry as monsoons were way ahead. The trees were nurturing their new buds. He walked on.

The Sun was looking down in a radiant manner. The surrounding was becoming warm with the radiance.

He was sweating vigorously. He sat down on a bench sheltered by a huge magnolia tree. The wind was constant but subtle. He wiped his face with the sleeves of his hoodie. He was smoking and looking around. He was observing nature closely almost after a decade. He looked at the grass titling as if with the wind’s laughter. His vision shifted to the huge mango tree. The buds were ready to shoot out some juicy, sweet, yellow, pulpy joy.
He slowly sat down on the grass, cross legged. He reached out for his wallet and took out a dilapidated folded piece of paper. The paper unfolded to become a pencil sketch of a garden. He had made the sketch when he was in school.

Oh! How much he loved spring! The trees with their beautiful colours and the greenery all around. He sat down any where with his sketch book to freeze the view in front of him. His fingers often used to be stained with dark marks of the lead. His mind was full of thoughts and his eyes were bright like stars.

Niw there was ash on his finger. There were marks of needle and burns. His eyes were always blood shot in addiction.

The cigarette slipped away from his fingers. He gathered his knees and rested his chin over them. He was thinking.

An hour passed by, he was startled by his phone’s ringtone. He got up and a packet of some illegal medicine fell on the grass. He picked it up and slipped it inside his pocket.

The artist and the bad boy could never become friends!

IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe

Where does the purpose lie?

I feel the world is becoming vague.

Purpose no longer is felt.

People are turning vague.

Art has become vague.

People love vague.

Vague is today’s love.

Can we not do anything?

Or, is vague the ultimate truth?

IMAGE AND WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe

Special Call for Submissions: Exploitation of Women

Type and let your words reverberate!

Whisper and the Roar

The Whisper and the Roar Collective is seeking submissions for an upcoming series on the global exploitation of women. We are accepting poetry, prose, fiction, personal narratives, and essays on these topics from around the globe. We are looking for writing that makes us feel, makes us think, that moves us. 

April 15th– April 21st                 Domestic Violence

April 22nd – April 28th              Sexual Exploitation 

April 29- May 5th                         Female Infanticide

May 6th– May 12th                       Rape

May 13th– May 19th                 Acid Attacks

May 20th– May 26th                 Child Marriage

To Submit:

  • Send up to 3 pieces of original writing in either PDF or Word…

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Liebster Award 2018

Alright! I feel so elated having being nominated for ‘The Liebster Award‘. Thanks a ton frothywinter for thinking me capable for the award and nominating me. Please do check her amazing blog out!

The rules for this award are:

  1. Thank and acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Display the award image on your blog.
  3. Answer all the 11 questions that the blogger sets you.
  4. Nominate blogs that you think are deserving of the award.
  5. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
  6. Link to the official website your Liebster Award blog post
  7. Comment on the official post with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award.
  8. Inform your nominees about your nomination.

The questions for me are:

  1. If you had to choose between experiencing the journey of a water drop from the clouds to the ocean or the metamorphosis of a butterfly, which one would it be?

I would prefer the journey of a water drop from the clouds to the ocean who would be touched by a new born butterfly!

2. In a fantasy land, imagine yourself to be stranded in a desert, while searching for a mystical vase with magical healing properties. After a lot of searching, you finally find the vase, and when you look inside you find water. Thirsty and out of supplies, you decide to drink it, when all of a sudden a nymph appears and tells you that, drinking the water will shatter the vase into pieces. Do u still drink?

I would not drink the water and look for other means to quench my thirst. I believe in preserving the best for future, always!

3. If you had to choose one, would you travel to every place on this planet or go on an inter-galatic mission instead?

-I want to travel to every place on this planet. In fact it is my dream to do so!

4.What is that one thing that you find appealing in people almost instantly?

-Eye contact because eyes often don’t lie.

5. You are a journalist and you have to choose between two cases. Either investigate the mysteriously increasing number of deaths at the Mental Hospital for the Criminals or interrogate the owner of a manor at his place, who claims to have seen ghost sightings in his centuries old manor. Which one do you choose?

-I choose to investigate the mysteriously increasing number of deaths at the Mental Hospital for the Criminals.

6. If you want to change a book or movie the way you wanted, which one would it be and how would you change it for the better?

– There is no such book or movie I can think of at present. Actually I do not want to change any. The creator has made it and it shows how her/his creativity is. Who am I to change and disrupt her/his sense of art?

7. Imagine you were a cat and your owner gives you the same food everyday that you have begun to hate. How do you communicate to your owner about the problem in the most convincing way?

-Aww!! How cute would it be to become a cat! I love them! Anyway, coming back to the question, I would sit and stare at the food and starve unless it was replaced by something else.

8. What is that one memory that you could keep re-living again and again and never grow tired off ?

– It keeps changing over the time you see!

9. Which is that one fictional character, whose death left a huge missing piece in your heart that could never heal?

-Severus Snape a.k.a Alan Rickman! Both in fiction and reality!

10. Recollect one incident where you showed extraordinary courage and when you look back, it also makes you proud of yourself.

-I had taken a huge risk in my academics and it was worthwhile. I donot want to reveal the intricate details of it.

11. Lastly, pizza is one of the best thing that could happen to this planet, right?

– Yes, absolutely, undoubtedly, thin crust , cheese burst, the only form of pure love left on this planet!

Here goes, my questions:

  1. How do you define art?
  2. What made you a blogger?
  3. What according to you, is the most important thing required, at present on this earth?
  4. You catch a bridegroom eloping his wedding. He asks for your help. You are related to the bride. What would you do?
  5. Which one would you prefer, patriarchy or matriarchy?
  6. Your views about falling in love with someone else after marriage.
  7. Is the pen still mightier than the sword?
  8. Which one would you prefer- absurdity or reality?
  9. What is your idea about perfection?
  10. Pets or friends?
  11. Which is the line you have written till now, your personal favourite?

My nominations are:

  1. stoner on a rollercoaster
  2. empoweredeverydayblog
  3. simple Ula
  4. Sahara
  5. Rohan Gandhi
  6. inkdropk

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