A few months back, I was in a terrible writer’s block! I used to sit down with a pen and paper, scribble around and eventually nothing would be written! You know I used to get this adrenaline urge to express my self! The thoughts and ideas were there, but I was having difficulty to stream them down. I was as if lost. No! Not lost exactly! I was scattered, like I have always been! I thought it was just a phase like the numerous phases I have had in my past. I was not acknowledging a change in my life and most importantly in my own self. The faces around were same, so was the affection. But something went missing as if. I knew what it was. But I was ignoring it every time. I worked. I burdened myself with work. Rather, I tried to seek refuge in it! But things were not improving. I lost all touch with music. Almost nothing delighted me. There has not been any specific moment or day which I can recall. But yes, I struggled and snugged into the crowd again! I somehow got used to reality. It has not got off my mind completely! Yet I can face it if not bravely but confidently! Such is the power of love. Love does wonders for sure! I have also seen love wreck havoc! Love is unpredictable like me! It is stubborn, stingy yet enticing! Love is so much like a foreign land where everything is unknown yet familiar! Love is that familiar land where you suddenly become a foreign element. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world! Love has given me the flow of words and a gamut of emotions! Love is mine! I keep it safe now within me away from any foreign human and also away from him!

WRITE-UP COPYRIGHT © ofwhatichoosetobe


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